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  • Life Coaching & Personal Development for


    Girls, Teens & Young Women


    It's all about YOU, the REAL you!

    The Real Girl Lifestyle creates a safe space for girls to share their triumphs, explore their struggles, and develop REAL confidence.


    As your coach, Sarah is your biggest cheerleader, supporter & accountability partner. Why struggle on your own when you can have support and structure to achieve your goals?


    Girls, are you ready to:

    • Improve your overall happiness.
    • Set and accomplish goals in a way that is empowering and exciting.
    • Gain self-confidence and self-awareness.
    • Learn tangible tools to navigate life's challenges.
    • Develop inner resilience and self-trust.
    • Create balance in all the different areas of your life.
    • Discover strategies and techniques for coping with social and academic stress & pressures.

    Contact Sarah if you think coaching would be a good fit for you!

    Sarah Andersen

    Sarah Andersen is Certified Life & Health Coach for Teen Girls and Young Women. She lives in San Diego, California and coaches girls all over the country. Sarah is Certified through Teen Wisdom Life Coaching, Institute for Integrated Nutrition, and the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.


    She is the founder of The Real Girl Lifestyle, where she works with girls one-one-one, leads small groups, and speaks nationally about girl empowerment. Her personal mission is to teach girls how to develop a healthy lifestyle, positive body image, and live with REAL authentic confidence.



    • Certified Holistic Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition
    • Certified Health Coach, Dr. Sears Wellness Institute
    • Certified Teen Life Coach, Teen Wisdom
  • Work with Sarah

    1 on 1

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    Schedule a complimentary consultation.


    No obligation and completely confidential.

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    Discuss & Choose your Coaching Package



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    Coaching sessions are 50 minutes and are held online via Skype or Facetime.

  • Motivational Speaking

    REAL Talk.

    Topics include:

    • Lifestyle vs Diet
    • Body image
    • Mind-Body Connection
    • Leadership
    • Academic Success and Stress Management
    • Confidence & Self Esteem
    • Healthy Friendships
    • Perfectionism
    • Self-Care
    • Goal Setting
    • Developing Grit  
    • Emotional Bullying 
    Perfect for:
    • NCL Chapters
    • Middle Schools/High Schools Assemblies
    • Sororities
    • Sports Teams
    • Girl Scouts
    • Youth Conferences
    • Leadership Events
    • Retreats
    • Summer Camp Programs
  • FAQ's

    Real questions. Real answers.

    1. How does coaching differ from therapy, and why is it the right approach for my teen?

    Therapy is an opportunity to talk about feelings and patterns surrounding past events. Coaching is focused on building skills to take action in the future. This primary difference explains why coaching is so effective with teens. Not only do they need a space to explore their feelings, fears and identity, but also they benefit from having a mentor who can help them devise specific plans to achieve their goals. Through this work, teens gain fundamentals such as resilience and self-awareness at a critical time in their lives - enabling them to better navigate life’s ups and downs.

    2. Do you take insurance?

    Unfortunately, coaching is not currently covered by health insurance. I realize coaching is an investment for families, and helping your teen develop the tools she needs to thrive is a responsibility I treat with great respect.

    3. What is the age demographic of young women you coach?

    While my coaching sweet spot is girls ages 12 to 21, I also offer one-on-one parent coaching and work with girls who are anywhere from 10 to 25 years old. Beginning Summer 2019, I will also offer supplemental small group coaching for parents.

    4. How long should my teen work with a coach?

    It all depends on the person, but I recommend teens work with a coach for a minimum of 3 months. I’ve found that it takes at least this amount of time to build their trust, bolster their self-awareness and make headway with their goals.

    5. Are parents included in the sessions?

    Parents are not part of the teen sessions by design. Parents are responsible for taking a kick-off call as well as monthly check-ins to learn about our progress.

    6. How do I get my teenager's buy-in?

    Strategically. You know your teen best, but make sure you’re presenting it in a positive light. As a rule of thumb, remember these tidbits:

    • Position it as a GIFT that will give her a confidant and mentor with an outsider’s perspective as well as tools to be happy throughout life

    • Be ENTHUSIASTIC about the experience and keep the vibe light

    • Make sure she knows the experience is hers to OWN

    7. What is your pricing?

    Please email Sarah directly for pricing.

    8. What is a teen session like? What topics do you cover?

    Teen sessions are 50-minute video calls over Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, etc.

    • My coaching method focuses on helping girls develop critical life skills, such as building self-awareness, self-care and self-confidence strategies. We also work together to achieve tangible goals she’s identified.
    •  In addition, my coaching model enables me to mentor girls in real-time, providing suggestions for day-to-day obstacles that arise. 

    9. How do I sign up?

    Let’s set up a call to discuss your daughter. Then, I’ll introduce myself to her over text and set up a 15-minute phone call. After that call, if you both decide you want to move forward, we’ll select the right package, finalize the paperwork and schedule the first session.

    10. Why work with Sarah?

    I speak teen… Always have! But more importantly, I have more than 10 years of experience working with pre-teen and teen girls. Not only do I work with girls on a one-on-one basis through my coaching business, but also I lead The GRACEDBYGRIT Foundation. Specifically, I run the foundation’s “Get Gritty” events and “Gritty Girls” scholarship program. These initiatives focus on empowering girls to discover and build GRIT in order to grow into strong, confident women. I am so incredibly passionate about this work and take immense pride in the accomplishments of each of my clients.

  • Testimonials

    REAL Results

    “We adore Sarah! She has an amazing passion for the work she does and truly lives her dream as she helps young girls become their unique selves. Our daughter has grown tremendously in many areas of her life by working with Sarah. Her self-esteem and self-awareness are two key areas of focus which have been strengthened through Sarah’s expertise and loving guidance."


    —Rebekkah, Mother

    "I worked with Sarah to make lifestyle changes in the areas of health & wellness. I felt comfortable sharing with Sarah and enjoyed setting goals to implement the life changes I wanted to make. Sarah’s method is empowering & educational. Sarah helped me to believe that I do deserve to live a healthy & happy life.”

    — Katie, 20

    "From coaching with Sarah, I learned a lot about myself and talking with Sarah felt like talking with one of my best friends. When I had soccer tryouts, we did coaching sessions that really boosted my confidence and was part of my success to making the team. My experience with Sarah was amazing and I hope it will continue.”

    — Emily, 14

    "My daughter worked with Sarah to help build her self esteem and deal with social challenges. I saw a huge difference in my daughter’s attitude and overall outlook on life."

    — Karen, Mother

    "Working with Sarah has been the best experience. First of all, she has really helped me to embrace authenticity and become more comfortable sharing what I love with the world, as well as just being myself.
    She taught me that to be vulnerable does not mean to be weak, but in touch with your center and your heart. This lesson helped me to let go of a lot of the control I tried to have over my life, and to live more courageously and freely, trusting in my own heart and having more faith in myself as I am."


    — Meredith, 17

    "Sarah makes it really easy to share and talk with. She made me feel like my health journey was unique and I wasn’t just a cookie cutter client. I trust Sarah and don’t know where I would be without her."

    — Olivia, 19

    "Many praises for Sarah Andersen!! We had Sarah present to our NCL group of mothers and daughters. She was an engaging speaker and captivated the audience with her presentation. My relationship with my daughter will be even better after using the exercises Sarah presented. Thank you Sarah!!"


    — Moya, Mother

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